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3D LED Video Walls Show Off Avatars at InfoComm

Seeing one of our interactive avatars appear for the first time on a 20-ft. wide 3D LED video wall made my heart pound with excitement. As I reached out and attempted to touch Marley in 3D, shown in this image below, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Let me say that this image is a “Photoshopped” version of the 3D virtual character, because there are no 2D cameras that can photograph this effect correctly. For one thing, it takes polarized 3D glasses to see it in 3D. That’s why our video seems so distorted.

Marley on HSI Wall

But once you have your 3D glasses on (like in movie theaters), the experience is really amazing! For one, the image is really large, floating out in front of the screen 10-15 ft. in mid-air. For two, it stays there – our interactive avatars “dwell” in 3D space, not disappearing like other 3D special effects in the movies. You get to see them and carefully look them over – every detail, from their eyes to the backgrounds they use – looping videos, stills or even 3D environments.

Check out some of the comments in these YouTube videos (below) as Kira gets reactions from the InfoComm visitors to the Haverford booth.

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Best of all, you feel immersed Рthis is a Virtual Reality experience without head-mounted displays or goggles.  The LED video wall is big and very bright, bright enough to hold its own, even outdoors like an electronic billboard. HSI Immersive currently offers two sizes Рthe 6 mm LED Pixel pitch display above is 11.5 ft. high by 19 ft. wide. They also offer a 2.5 mm pixel pitch display that is 6 ft. high by 9 ft. wide. Both of these displays get to the 3D specifications in slightly different ways, and each accepts the real-time input of our 3D Digital Puppeteer live animation system. The wide display axis of about 45 degrees off center in each direction and a 20-ft. plus viewing distance (in the case of the bigger screen) make them very attractive for those trade show exhibitors who wish to dominate an entire aisle or show space.

Scotch on the 3D video wallWhen you consider the value that an interactive character on a 3D video wall offers, think about giving your audiences something special they can’t get any other place – a non-intimidating conversation with a larger-than-life cartoon character that can speak with them in real time. That conversation can go in any different direction and still make sense, because there is a clever avatar operator behind the scenes who can see and hear everything, and when he speaks, the character speaks. This approach takes the clunky “artificial stupidity” out of the experience, and makes it intriguing and appealing. That tension created out of this first-time experience causes an emotional reaction which is positive and fun, the majority of the time. For others, it might take a few tries to get them to grasp what is actually happening, and that’s fun, too.

Of course, these are not going to be inexpensive, when you combine the avatar performance, the wall rentals, shipping, labor, etc., but if you are looking for impact and the extraordinary, this is where you will find it. You might even consider having us create your own custom avatar and build out some more 3D artwork to really make it one-of-a-kind and special. We’d be happy to help you understand all the details, so you can be confident you are dealing with pros who want to make you look great.

As part of our service to producers, CHOPS will do free pitch videos using our own characters, and we will supply you with images we’ve created to demonstrate the appearance of the video walls. If we ever find a great way to show off the actual video walls with video or photographs, we’ll make sure you see them. Meanwhile, give us a call if you want to have some fun. And by the way, here’s a link to a company we work with that sells 3D glasses, both paper and plastic, with logos and everything.

American Paper Optics polarized glassesAMERICAN PAPER OPTICS

For more information about HSI Immersive, American Paper Optics or booking the appearance of our avatars, please contact me using the form below.

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