How We Work

1-5 Day Show Appearances or Permanent Installations

Gary’s Digital Puppeteer equipment is usually set-up in a hidden closet in the trade show booth or backstage at a corporate meeting with the AV crew. He can see and hear his audience via a spy camera and mic, and when he speaks, the avatar speaks at the same time.

Gary Jesch in AstraZeneca booth

He controls the computer-generated avatar’s head and eyes, and flows through animations, facial expressions and non-verbal body language in order to create a convincing and transforming performance that lasts several hours in most cases.

His 20 years of experience with this technology in the trade show industry as a booth performer is part improv, part sales genius, part psychiatrist and part meta-physical. He uses his wits, broad generalized knowledge and advanced preparation to make the avatar’s presence relevant and entertaining.

Gary is also responsible for the custom character creation services his company provides. He creates custom avatars that brands can own in about three to four weeks, starting from pencil drawings and taking them into 3D animations complete with facial expressions and actions.

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