Customer Success Stories

Talking Fish Cleans Up At Sanitary Show

Talking Fish Cleans Up At Sanitary Show

Rubbermaid amazed the sanitary supplies industry show in Las Vegas with RC, a talking fish, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. He spoke about the necessity of clean water.

Mister T at Mall of Asia

Mister T and Virtual Reef shine in Manila

Gary Jesch brought live animation to the Mall of Asia in Manila Philippines in 2008, in the form of a talking fish.

Fountain parties avatars

Avatars perk up private parties in Atherton, CA

The Valentine’s Day parties in a private home, planned by Robert Fountain, have a touch of class and mystery unequaled by anyone else in the business.

CHOPS Indie Music Fest

CHOPS promotes Indie Music Fest musicians online

CHOPS used his avatar powers for good, interviewing upcoming bands for the Indie Music Fest online during special sessions promoting the event.

Professor Millennium for Elster

Prof. Millennium drinks the Elster Kool-Ade

Dave Buster, Elster sales director, plays off our avatar to introduce a new technology to Elster customers.

Squeeze of McDermont Family Entertainment Center

Squeeze livens up Family Entertainment Center

Central California’s favorite family attraction, McDermont Field House, had its own live avatar for five years.

Cybrina - Interactive Avatar

Meet "Cybrina," the avatar that wowed Colombia

Proctor & Gamble’s ad agency in Bogota, Colombia, planned a 7-day tour to introduce a new detergent line, and their avatar cleaned up nicely.

Brash - Beam Pro

Brash beams in with remote telepresence devices

Working with Suitable Technology’s Beam Pro remote telepresence device was a breeze for the CHOPS avatars at Dreamforce, and they visit other places occasionally, too.

VirtuaLibby and Nikken

VirtuaLibby dazzles audience at Nikken Event

“Julie” takes over the stage at the LA Convention Center “Forum” for a fun time with Nikken execs.

Brash Bends Brains At Annual Training Tradeshow

Brash Bends Brains At Annual Training Tradeshow

DDI’s booth, using Live Animation, was awarded “Best of Show” at ASTD’s annual event – three years in a row. ExhibitGroup/Giltspur did the design & installation work.

CHOPS at Bar Mitzvah

No hesitation for CHOPS for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

A NYC family recognized a great opportunity to set a new standard for family entertainment, and Gem Multimedia was there to help them.

Lets' Face It with CHOPS

CHOPS runs a great game show and more after this

For the first time ever, a game show hosted by an interactive avatar! CHOPS does a great job with this Jeopardy-style game that can be customized easily.