CHOPS Creates Sparks For Volt

Volt Information Sciences, Inc., a global corporation faced a common problem in the mid-2000s – its many-faceted corporate divisions operated from “silos” of expertise and separate from HQ, when it came to most aspects of their daily operation. Sales, marketing, R & D, production – all departments – suffered losses because of a management structure that was too centralized, leaving the “silos” to perform autonomously.

Changing the situation meant the organization had to bring everyone together in one big meeting, and event producer AB Events was selected to handle the job.

Steve and Mary Barnett of AB Events (now known as “Another Brilliant Idea”) out of southern California suggested that a live animated character would be funny and useful, especially when it came to asking the difficult questions. The very highest VPs and managers needed to find a way to communicate effectively with division managers and systems staff from a very diverse organization coming in from all parts of the globe.

In addition to the trainings that took place, CHOPS also helped host an awards ceremony, where key managers and company division leaders were recognized.

So when there was a sensitive question on the table, CHOPS asked it. When it was a delicate topic, CHOPS brought it up. And when it needed just that perfect timing and touch of humor, CHOPS made everyone laugh and dissolved the tension.

At the end of the project, Volt leaders were enthusiastic about the overall results of their meeting, and the Barnetts used CHOPS for another project a few months later, with equal success.