Customers Speak Up In Testimonials

What Our Clients Say about the Live Animation Experience and Working with Gary
    • Tradeshow – American Soc. of Training & Development – DDI

      Mike O'ConnorMike O’Connor – Business Development Manager

      “Please know that all agreed that you were a terrific contribution to our conference in DC. Many attendees indicated that our booth was the best (and you were a big part of that) and that you (Dr. Dee) were the best part of the trade show. I agree!

      “A few comments come “top of mind”:

      “- You were outstanding in your pre-conference preparation… you knew our company, products and services very well. You represented our company as professional and knowledgeable. All of us were surprised that you had so much to say (accurately) about our company.

      “- You had an uncanny way of knowing a little something about everything, to facilitate meaningful conversation with all attendees. You knew little facts about different places (as when an attendee indicated they were from a particular state or country), current events, even speaking to people in different languages.

      ” – You were most helpful in screening and qualifying attendees. You quickly determined if they were serious (and introduced them to one of us) or just looking around (you simply invited them in the booth to look around). This helped the team focus on serious prospects, while making everybody feel welcome.

      ” – You had unbelievable energy, working non-stop for several hours at a time, and keeping such a terrific momentum. Over 4 days, I never saw your energy lull.

      ” – You were funny, maintained variety in your conversations, and yet stayed professional.

      ” – You were very flexible, followed suit with the DDI team, honored unique requests, and demonstrated a “can do” attitude all day, each day.”

    • Exhibitor Trade Show – AV Images

      Ben ReyesBenjamin Reyes – Sr. Account Executive

      “Gary is a wonderful, talented and knowledgeable individual. The saying, “he always has a smile on his face” is forever written under his name! We have had the pleasure of working together years ago at the Exhibitor Show and shared a “Best of Show” award. His unique and highly technical Live Animation system would enhance any of your corporate events.”

    • Nevada State Fair – “My Fish People” Booth

      John OwensJohn Owens – General Manager

      “Gary has a great understanding of how Sponsors/Partners fit into the live animation projects he does. He is detail-oriented, a consumate professional, visionary, easy to work with and has endless ideas for how to tie your event and sponsors into his proprietary live animation. It works to drive a sponsor’s business and yet is highly entertaining for Fairs, Festivals and Events. I would recommend Gary highly if you want to bring something new and exciting to your event and your sponsors.”

    • Live Animation Concept Demo – Imaginology –

      Nathan GreeneNathan Greene – Producer

      “Gary is a professional in all stages of the business relationship life-cycle. From industry insight and demo in the decision making process, to his performance for our visitors, and even following up after the event to ensure our satisfaction, Gary Jesch makes business feel less an exchange of funds for service, and more like a creative collaboration with your success as top priority.”

    • Nikken Associate Recognition Event – CMS Communications Int’l. –

      Brian SharpBrian Sharp – Producer

      “Working with Gary and CHOPS was a true pleasure. Having explored numerous methods of creating an interactive Avatar for a convention we were producing, we decided CHOPS offered the best solution. We were right.

      Gary was responsive to all of our requests, including several unexpected changes the client desired. Onsite, he proved to be a real asset–efficient, reliable and a team player. The avatar was a huge hit. The ability to have the avatar interact off-the-cuff with the presenters and the audience made a great impact. We are now including CHOPS in all our proposals.”

    • Conference Presentation – Spiritual Marketing Super Summit –

      Joe Vitale – Internet Marketing Expert

      “Hi , this is Joe Vitale. We are now wrapping up the Spiritual Marketing Super Summit, the first ever, here in Austin, Texas.

      And we kicked it off with Mark Twain. And I want you to know that Gary brought to life and kicked this entire event into high drive, with creativity, with humor, with wisdom, with charm, with originality, because Mark Twain on the big screen with me interacting with him and my audience interacting with him was something nobody had ever seen before.

      So I have found this breathtaking, and I have nothing but great things to say about Gary, about Mark Twain and what he does. I’m going to use him again for other seminars and my next big Summit in 2005, and I encourage everybody else to use him, too.”

    • Tradeshow – AAPEX, for Ford Motorcraft

      Thad Gessel – Derse Exhibits

      “Working with Gary at CHOPS was an absolutely positive experience. He kept his routine strictly within our corporate guidelines and was able to generate great attendee draw. Gary was also meticulous with his advanced show planning and studying the materials we supplied to him. Lastly, over a four-day show, it seemed like Gary worked the crowds seemingly without any major downtime. Great work ethic! Terrific results!”

    • 3 Years in a Row – Private Party for McManus/Salzman – Atherton, CA

      Robert FountainArianne Nichol and Robert Fountain – Robert Fountain Design

      “Gary! What can I say? So easy to work with? Total pro? Incredible product? Talented improv actor? Worth every penny? You bet. It was a pleasure. Can’t wait to do it again!”

    • Tradeshow – Comdex – TechMedia

      Elaine CohenElaine Cohen – Live Marketing

      “Utilizing CHOPS in a total marketing package can double or triple the amount of qualified leads.”

    • Tradeshow – Digestive Disease Week – Prometheus Labs

      Larry Hansen – Senior Director Sales & Training

      “One of the challenges we always have is getting those people skirting around the edges of the booth and drawing them in. And one of the things we did differently this year, is we used Gary and the Prometheus talking head. And what that really afforded us is something novel to get the physician to stop long enough to interact, that gave our sales people time to then interact with the customer and bring more people into the booth.”

      CHOPS: So in your experience, they stayed a little longer than they did in some of the other booths?

      “Oh, absolutely. I think our average contact time was close to 10 minutes per customer, and in other booths, I say that, aside from the free coffee and other gifts they’re giving out, they are lucky if they are getting 90 seconds.”

  • Corporate General Session – American Red Cross –

    Nancy RacetteNancy Racette, Senior Director – Office of Events Management

    “The introduction of a virtual reality character to this year’s convention added a new and different touch. I appreciate your willingness to operate Major Donor and be the voice behind the image.

    “In an effort to spark some creative thinking regarding the future of fund raising, Major Donor and the dream sequence actors were creative, futuristic additions to our program. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to ad lib some of the script and include a bit of your own personality. The on-stage interaction with Major Donor held everyone’s attention and was quite entertaining. This year’s event would not have been as innovative as it was without your assistance.”


Some of our past and current clients include:

Ogilvy CommonHealth
Greenway Medical
Leisure Entertainment Consultants
City of Lindsay
Disney Events Group
Jack Morton Worldwide
Pinerock Productions
NUR America
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
CMS Communications Int’l.
Development Dimensions Inc.
Florida Power & Light
National Semiconductor
Aetna Healthcare
Pharmacia Biotech
Cable & Wireless
Sun Microsystems
Hewlett Packard
Nortel Networks
Proctor & Gamble
Frito Lay
Dell Computers
Avocent/Cybex Computers
America’s Community Bankers
American Red Cross
Royal & Sun Alliance
Volt Inc.
CUNA National
Bristol Meyers
Prometheus Labs
Volt Information Sciences, Inc.