Who We Serve

From the Very Large to the Very Small

Over the past 15 years, Gary has worked for Fortune 1000 corporations at trade shows, sales meetings, conferences and special events, often under the auspices of event producers who want to make a big impression on audiences by giving them something they’ve never seen before.

CHOPS at Motorcraft booth

Since producers and agencies are working for important clients who want something new and different, they find the use of interactive avatars to be refreshing, versatile and flexible to the clients’ needs, and incorporating unusual video display technologies can be very attractive.

For example, during a Powerpoint slide presentation by a Senior VP, one of CHOPS’ interactive avatars appears and starts asking difficult questions, probing for information. Of course, it’s all been planned in advance, but the audience can’t be sure of that. And CHOPS can be connected to intercom headsets to commmunicate with the director without others hearing during the show.

Marketing professionals are always looking to make an immediate impact at events and trade shows. We’ve performed and entertained at dozens of trade shows over the years, generating and qualifying leads right in the booths and helping brands with visibility challenges.

Special Event Planners Use This to Add Buzz to Events

CHOPS at Motorcraft booth

High-end private parties produced by party specialists get an extra boost with CHOPS. He can be featured as an MC, an interactive attraction or as an entertainer running a VJ show or Karaoke. Anywhere you can put a video projector or a large screen, CHOPS can appear. All the while, Gary or another talented actor is hidden away backstage, watching and performing. The range of available characters is very diverse as you can see from our pages.

Industries We Serve

Our background is in Broadcast Journalism, so we have a great interest and curiosity when working with any industry on projects that come our way. Live animation shows are successful in all industries and for audiences in all circumstances. We have first-hand experience in the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Healthcare IT
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Travel
  • Finance/Banking/Credit
  • Small Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Signage
  • Video/Broadcasting
  • Theme Parks/Family Entertainment Centers/Amusements
  • Training and Development
  • Automobile/Automotive Aftermarket
  • Golf
  • Sales/Sales Management
  • Sanitary Supplies
  • Software/Internet Technology/Computer Hardware
  • Manufacturing/Retail
  • Telecommunications/Video-conferencing/Webcasting
  • Trade Show and Special Event Marketing