Custom Character Creation

We can create your exclusive brand mascots and avatars
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All of our work for you is private, confidential and done in-house by our experienced team of artists. Prices range from $6,000 to $20,000 per character. We will provide accurate estimates in advance. At the end of the process, you and your company will own the “work for hire” and can use the avatar on our system for any occasions. We can also produce recorded videos and animations for you.

Custom characters:

  • Unique and exclusive to your brand
  • Able to be used in many ways and places
  • Generate sales of character-related merchandise
  • Form an emotional bond with customers
  • Demonstrate that your company is forward-thinking and creative

Custom 3D characters are capable of:

  • Interacting in real time (seeing, hearing and speaking with audience)
  • Demonstrating emotional facial expressions and body language
  • Accurate lip sync and natural movements controlled by performance artists
  • Appearing on any video displays, projection equipment or 3D holograms
  • Being heard via built-in speakers, PA systems, external speakers, headsets
  • Sharing screens with additional characters, computer content in real time
  • Appearing “realistic,” cartoonish or as caricatures

Production steps involved:

  • Creation of reference art and drawings
  • Creation of 3D model with basic facial expressions, clothing, colors
  • Creation of 3D model with rigging, facial expressions and animations
  • Production of motion capture for body animation if needed
  • Creation of props, environments and background graphics
  • Creation of related sound effects and misc. multimedia parts
  • Final touch-ups to lighting, camera views, lip sync

We use our own artists:

  • Many years of experience working in 3D with our software
  • Hand-picked for certain skills in 3D artwork
  • Availability for fast turnaround and rapid completion
  • Able to make changes and guarantee satisfaction
  • Highly skilled 3D artists with gaming and CGI experience