Multiple Character Shows

Your shows can feature three characters at once

By using three performance artists and three Digital Puppeteer systems at once, you can have a multiple character show. Imagine the kinds of scripts and fun you can have with three characters that can interact with each other and the audience simultaneously. Bring your live animation events fully into a show biz paradigm by establishing individual personalities and relationships that will win over audiences of all ages. Whether they entertain by improv or by script, our performers will have the entire audience in a trance as they deliver your corporate message.

Characters that work well together:

  • My Fish People – funny and a little goofy portrayal of a strange world underwater
  • Baby Talk – join Baby Dee and Baby Jay as they solve the world’s problems one by one
  • In the KNOW – news anchors Digital and VirtuaLibby hold down the fort with Bracket in the field
  • Malachi and Pooch – follow the adventures of Malachi, a boy with autism and his service dog
  • Scotch and Brandy are great examples of two custom characters who could perform side by side

All 3D characters are capable of:

  • Interacting in real time (seeing, hearing and speaking with audience)
  • Demonstrating emotional facial expressions and body language
  • Accurate lip sync and natural movements controlled by performance artists
  • Appearing on any video displays, projection equipment or 3D holograms
  • Being heard via built-in speakers, PA systems, external speakers, headsets
  • Sharing screens with additional characters, computer content in real time
  • Appearing “realistic,” cartoonish or as caricatures

Production steps involved:

  • Three individual 3D Digital Puppeteer systems and performers
  • Professional audio mics and mixers for all, for perfect lip sync
  • Video or still backgrounds that can match your environment or anywhere you want, including on the Web


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