Who could ever forget this face?
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Our newest avatar is like a blank slate of funny


We’ve always wanted to work with a great caricature artist to create a remarkable looking avatar, and we got our wish on this project. Bracket was designed and detailed by political caricature artist DonkeyHotey, who creates caricatures from photographs using Photoshop. The art of DonkeyHotey is a combination of caricature, photo collage and photo manipulation.

DonkeyHotey’s work has been published on websites over 2300 times. DonkeyHotey images have been used to illustrate editorial content on many prominent websites including: Reason, The Huffington Post,, The National Memo, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The New Republic, Common Dreams, Daily Kos,, Fast Company, Forbes, Freakonomics, In These Times, Mother Jones, Other Words, Raw Story, SFGate, The American Conservative, The American Prospect, The Chronicle, The Daily Beast, The European, The Tech Herald, Truthdig, Wired and more. Uses of the work are documented on DonkeyHotey’s WordPress blog.

Find out more about DonkeyHotey on Opinionated

DH has nearly 2,000 drawings and images in his growing Flickr Gallery, and you will certainly want to visit there, if you are looking for a custom avatar with a special look. You’ll find all the politicians and newsmakers you want, and you will see some great examples of how he might be able to create a caricature of your CEO or Sales VP for your next event.

Clown Car - DonkeyHotey

DH drew these reference images of Bracket for us, and our 3D artist Jay Reichmann did a great job of capturing nearly every small detail in her 3D version, down to the strands of hair and detail around the eyes and lips. Bracket OriginalsJay is also responsible for the fun facial expressions on Bracket, with the help of our lead animator, Tom Knight. who has been working with us for about 20 years. With the help of this team, we can create your own custom caricature in about three to four weeks and then do some great full-body animations to suit his appearance.

Erdmann RoggeNext step is bringing Bracket to life in an extraordinary way, and for that, we are offering the services of multi-linguist Erdmann Rogge, a professional from San Francisco who speaks several European languages. He speaks German and Portuguese natively, is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French, can hold simple conversations in Swedish and has a very basic knowledge in Russian, Czech and Polish, he says. Knowing Erdmann, it’s more than a basic knowledge.

We’ve been working with Erdmann and training him to be an excellent “avateer” so he can help you and your company at trade shows and events where the ability to instantly switch languages is a huge plus. Nothing excites people more at an international trade show than meeting an avatar who speaks their language!

Gary will be happy to assist you with Bracket and Erdmann, or performing Bracket himself, and he can also help bring DH in on your custom avatar project. Another great example of CHOPS creativity to serve you!