Are You A Corporate Event Planner?

Is the annual corporate meeting you plan suffering from SOS (same old stuff)?

Nikken - VirtuaLibby

Are you an event planner who needs to come up with something special and unique?

Are your clients’ meetings typically forgettable from year to year?

Are your trusted producers still offering you plate-spinners and acrobats?

Did a “wimpy” meeting cost you the high-level success your client demands?

The big difficulty today in producing corporate special events is that so many people automatically disconnect. They turn on their phones instead, and get distracted. They fixate on the travel, the social gatherings and the give-aways, and lose the real meaning of why they are there.

Getting people out of their trances is tough. We transform the ordinary into the amazing.

Events with interactive avatars come alive, as the audience is challenged to figure out what they are seeing and how these animated characters can be talking in real time.

A boring or complex subject that may have seemed hard to communicate is no longer a problem. An avatar like CHOPS can help your presenters seem comfortable and funny, by interacting with them as they are introduced. He can be part of opening spectaculars that include video, sound tracks and special effects.

Since our characters are essentially “video puppets,” we can use them to create story scenarios, to portray the “bad guys,” or to ask the tough questions.

  • We can even have two characters interacting with each other and with the audience and presenters, all in real time.
  • You can cut back on staging costs and elaborate productions, or go the other direction, whichever suits you best.


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