Digital Windows, Interactive Kiosks

Real display magic now available for retail and trade show booths

Digital Windows

We’re working with INT-AR-ACT.COM to bring a futuristic look and feel to the modern retail environment, with window displays made from transparent LED screens, also known as “digital windows.”

In the scene above, CHOPS or one of our other avatars appears on the semi-transparent background, integrated with video graphics or still shots, and can be visible from large distances in nearly any environment.

According to INT-AR-ACT, clients are no longer forced to choose between digital signage and open sight lines. Transparent LED technology enables clients to have both digital signage AND open sight lines–connecting environments in a way never before possible.

intARact02Potential applications are limitless:  Retailers   –   Brands   –   Auto Dealerships   –   Museums   –   Aquariums  –  Casinos   –   Trade Shows   –   Special Events   –   Stadiums   –   Arenas   –   Banks   –   Architects   –   Designers   –   Transportation   –   Aviation   –    and many others


When using the CHOPS Live Animation 3D Digital Puppeteer system, a small webcam is placed near the display so the performing artists can see and hear the audience in front of the display, and their voices can be heard over speakers mounted alongside the transparent screen.

Mondou KioskInteractive displays and fixtures are also a specialty of INT-AR-ACT, including kiosks that feature our avatars who can engage with customers in real time. Clients can choose to present canned video presentations augmented by real live animation of characters with these surprising systems.

This kiosk built by INT-AR-ACT for Mondou features Pooch, our pet avatar and he’s projected onto a thin screen cut-out that matches his shape. He’s able to greet retail customers and speak about the product as well as any sales person in the store. In fact, it’s a sales person in the store who is controlling Pooch from “behind the curtain,” and who can bring his own personality and sense of humor to a fun situation that catches people off-guard.

Technology is changing everything.  Traditional fixture design and product merchandising are being augmented with layers of technology to drive value, generate data, provide consumer insight and analytics, and ultimately drive revenue, without leaving the nice touches of personal interaction behind.

For more about Digital Windows and Interactive Avatar Kiosks, contact us for the full information on how we work hand in hand with INT-AR-ACT.


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