It’s time to get childish, turn loose your inner child and rediscover your own childlike innocence, as our Dancing Babies come alive Gangham Style with Digital Puppeteer.

Introducing Baby Dee and Baby Jay, the first interactive dancing babies to capture your hearts and bring smiles to your faces. All it takes is one look and you’ll melt away. Notice the amazing detail and sweetness in these two little guys.

Our Dancing Babies are fully interactive in real time, and were created with the help of Tom Knight and several other 3D artists in 2013. Dana Stamos is the avatar pilot for Baby J and adds her voice to this real-time recording.

We used the studios of Motion Analysis Corp. in Hollywood to get a real time motion capture animation where our dancing babies come alive Gangham Style to the popular K-Pop tune.

For more information about this project, visit this page about the Dancing Babies. To schedule a live demo on your computer, contact Gary Jesch via this website today.