The Indie Music Fest is using CHOPS to attract fans and online viewers to a live event held in late April 2012. With about six weeks to go, we produced eight short videos using CHOPS as a spokesperson for the IMF, which we posted on IMF’s YouTube channel.


The idea was to make IMF found more easily in YouTube searches and to rank better in Google searches as well.


The actual video production went quickly. I wrote scripts based on bullet points sent over by my colleague at IMF, Stacey Aragon, who is also coordinating the social networking effort for the event. Once the scripts were completed, I was able to use my Digital Puppeteer system connected to the video capture card on my desktop system with Adobe Premiere Pro, and capture the animated takes in real time. The short ones went quickly and the longer ones with moves took a few more takes.


Once I was happy with a take, I added it to the sequence, with an audio bed provided by one of the bands we featured, and then converted it into the FLV format used by YouTube.


Here are some of the videos prepared for IMF this way: