Take a look at Mimic Production’s work through their website and current brands, including MimicMind for AI interactive avatars and MimicXR, for 3D worlds and Metaverse environments. These are Mimic’s actual pages – please accept “cookies” and feel free to browse without leaving our page. It’s set up this way for your convenience.

CHOPS Live Animation and Gary Jesch are production partners with David Bennett and these Mimic Productions solutions in the USA. If your or your company are interested in learning more about using these services and the Mimic expertise on a project of yours, we encourage you to contact us using our phone number below. By working with CHOPS, you get Gary’s excellent service and accessibility, plus his experience as an avatar pilot and producer with 30 years of live performances. The combination of CHOPS and Mimic will exceed your expectations when it comes to realistic digital humans and AI-powered avatars for business.