Professional Service, Value-Added

I'm Gary Jesch and I approve this message

Over the years, producers, project managers and clients have trusted me be a problem-solver, as well as a performer, technician, marketing specialist and manager. It turns out that I really enjoy wearing all the different hats that are required to bring out successful appearances in performance animation. When missions are accomplished and audiences have great, memorable experiences, it says a lot about the power of integrating all of my art’s various requirements skillfully into one seamless event.

Inspired by professionals who make the impossible seem effortless, I accept gigs, knowing there will be challenges along the way. Some of them are familiar, and there also may be new ones to face in the process. You can count on me to go the extra mile and to keep the experience of working with live animation stress-free and fun. I love the aspect of this business that keeps me learning and leading all the time, whether it’s in marketing, sales, audio-visual, 3D animation, entertaining children, engaging adults or building permanent systems for installations.

Let’s keep this simple and direct – I will handle my role in your project personally, and do everything in my power to make absolutely sure that it turns out exactly the way you want it to succeed.

So, yes, you can call me on the phone and I will personally answer it – and I will pay for the call – 888-766-6677. I love working internationally, and will spend hours on flights to get to destinations like China, South America and even Canada. I’ll be happy to show you around my website myself, using desktop sharing and I’ll be the one helping to organize conference calls for online meetings, so you can stay in the comfort of your own office during the planning process.

If you’d like to use a live animation character on your own virtual event, I’ll be the one to perform as well as handle technical aspects, because I’ve dedicated myself and my company to help people like you confront and solve your unique problems of technology, marketing and communication, with solutions that are remarkable and stand out from the crowd.

Most of my performances involve the art of “visual storytelling” as well as performance animation. Visual storytelling is found in live and recorded presentations, using video, slides, sounds, scripts and a skillful design that integrates all the various elements. So my characters find themselves in unique settings as characters in stories, as teachers, educators, trainers, pitchmen and marketers – for live animation, it is a natural extension of their purposes. In order to accomplish well, I’ve also mastered the craft of graphic design, video production, copywriting and scripting and using real-time computer-based presentation tools. Having these skills allows me to be a one-stop shop to help you, if that’s what you need, or I am happy to serve as part of a team, when that’s better for your project.

No matter what, I’ll do my best. That’s my promise.