Videos Created with Real-Time Animation

Our most recent live animation videos can now be found on our Broadcast Pages, accessed from the Index Page on the CHOPS Blog

These videos were created using our Digital Puppeteer system, and our family of characters, performed by Gary Jesch and Dana Stamos, in real time. If you have trouble viewing them, they can also be found on YouTube by searching for “gjesch” and checking out our YouTube channel there.

“Squeeze” Has Debut Appearance at McDermont Field House

Description: “Squeeze” welcomes visitors to our first permanent installation in the US, in the McDermont Field House in Lindsay, CA, about 45 miles south of Fresno. “Squeeze” is their first interactive cartoon mascot, and helps uplift the guests’ experience through familiarity, good directions, fun conversation and some jokes. He was designed by Jaren Fisher of Lindsay, and built and animated by Tom Knight of IW43D with Gary Jesch, as the producer and voice (for this show).

Date: June, 2008

  • Video Demonstrating the “Nixon Effect” a Talking Portrait Effect

    Description: This special effect was developed for one of our clients and can be used with just about any professional portrait, and can be displayed on a plasma screen in the “portrait mode” as well, directly from our Digital Puppeteer System. Audio is from a Nixon recording of his final speech to the staff of the White House.

    Date: March, 2008

  • A Look Behind the Scenes at the Operation of the Digital Puppeteer

    Description: Gary Jesch is in his control booth, demonstrating how he controls the characters on the Digital Puppeteer system, using the tablet and joystick. This is an actual real-time animation system.

    Date: March 2008

  • “Mister T ” Drops by to Give a Preview from His Underwater Home

    Description: “Mister T,” our first ever character in a permanent installation, is now at home at the SM Science Discovery Center in the Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines. Here’s a quick look of him in our studio before he left.

    Date: October 2007

  • Gary Jesch Introduces My Fish People Show at IAAPA 2007

    Description: Orange TV Reporter Crystal Candy interviews Gary Jesch in his booth at IAAPA in Nov. 2007, and gets a sneak look behind the scenes at the cast of My Fish People.

    Date: November, 2007

  • “VirtuaLibby” and “Digital Dan ” are twice as much fun, and more

    Description: Our two newest characters find themselves in the newsroom once again, to say hi and get acquainted. Either of these characters can be in scenes with any of the other CHOPS characters, thanks to our new ToonMX Live Animation technology. And their performances are captivating.

    Size: 3.5M, Date: July 30, 2007

  • Mede at ANI Show

    Mede uses “Flo” and “Chester” Live at HFMA- ANI Conference

    Description: Our two characters interact with show attendees from their TV set, while the performers work somewhere hidden in the booth. Maybe you can tell where – the attendees we talked to couldn’t! It is a new experience for everyone.

    Size: 12M, Date: July 30, 2007

  • “Kikof” hams it up and tells a few jokes while he works

    Description: Kikof, the last of the now-extinct dinosaur stand-up comedians, tells his story as the last of his gene pool, and how the bigger the dinosaur, the bigger the sense of humor. Too bad it doesn’t do much good in Jurassic Park, or is that ….

    Size: 12.6M, Date: July 30, 2007

  • Brash meets VirtuaLibby

    “Brash” welcomes “VirtuaLibby,” the latest digital diva, to his newsroom

    Description: Brash finds out that VirtuaLibby may be sharing the stage with some of the late night guys, and learns she prefers Craig Ferguson to Jay Leno. Sorry about that, Jay.

    Size: 8M, Date: July 30, 2007

  • “Digital Dan ” interviews “Cissi” on the Channel 6 KNOW Set

    Description: Digital Dan chats up the ever-charming Cissi, and learns she is a spokesmodel for the website USADOJO.comwhere she attracts attention to the website and introduces site visitors to the various parts of the site.

    Size: 3.5M, Length: 75 seconds, Date: July 30, 2007