Service with a Smile - A Real One

While we're entertaining your audiences, you are succeeding

For nearly 20 years, in the tradeshow and corporate events business, marketing professionals from large and small companies have used our live animated characters to attract attention and entertain audiences of all sizes and ages, with great success.

We’ve always strived to keep it fun, new and interesting, as well as profitable for clients like you. Getting started with an interactive avatar may feel a little strange at first – that happens to everyone. Seeing the results in the smiles and great reactions is something that just feels good, even if you won’t find it on a spreadsheet or report anywhere.

Working with Gary at CHOPS was an absolutely positive experience. He kept his routine strictly within our corporate guidelines and was able to generate great attendee draw. Gary was also meticulous with his advanced show planning and studying the materials we supplied to him. Lastly, over a four-day show, it seemed like Gary worked the crowds seemingly without any major downtime. Great work ethic! Terrific results!

Thad Gessel

Account Executive, Derse Exhibits

Attract and engage audiences of all ages with 3D interactive avatars that can speak with people in real time, in person:

Attract at Tradeshows

Talking cartoons gather crowds, interacting with them and breaking the ice for salespeople, which helps start conversations about their prospects’ needs.

Entertain at Corporate Meetings

A live, speaking avatar is unusual and funny, causes intense curiosity and engagement and brings up delicate subjects, only if the video quality is exceptional.

Educate in Trainings

Avatars heighten the interactive aspect of engagement, which improves remembering and learning, because they provoke curiosity and other emotions.

Engage at Parties

People are still interested in having “first-time” experiences and having a discussion with a virtual character on a screen still applies, and it’s fun to watch.

Amuse at Theme Parks

Audiences of children are drawn to cartoon characters and want to see Disney-like attractions – our systems bring characters alive in real time at FECs and parks.

Promote on the Web

High-quality character animations can appear as live streams in many formats, including webcams and webcasts, or Flash files on websites, and can interact.