Attract at Tradeshows


A live, interactive character is a powerful attraction to add to a trade show exhibit. The moving images, the sound, the funny comments and personal touch all add up to pulling visitors to a booth, breaking the ice for an exhibitor’s sales staff and learning more about the needs of the attendees who then become qualified prospects. Our avatars have a big impact on booth traffic and engagement, including the length of time attendees stay in the booth.

CHOPS Staff at workThe most effective use of our performances at trade shows is from a flat video screen set along the aisle near a high-traffic area, complete with appropriate signage and a brand ambassador (which we provide) to serve as “front person” who interacts with our character and attendees. For example, CHOPS starts out with simple introductions in a way that a real person can’t and creates a first impression that most often attracts people into sticking around. People tend to have unexpected emotional reactions of surprise and curiosity, at first.

The combination of a new experience and CHOPS’ comments automatically interrupts them and distracts them from their normal trade show mindset, creating an opening for a conversation about what they are looking for at the show. An unusual and attractive video display with props is also a big help, along with friendly booth staff who demonstrate that it is perfectly OK to speak with a character on the screen. Many people see it as a “Kodak moment” and take pictures they want to share with their friends via social media.

Interactive AvatarWe’ve been in many situations where our clients have won “Best of Show” awards when we’ve been in their booths. In cases where we keep track of such things, our presence has doubled the usual number of qualified leads, and the quality of leads naturally improves, because the salespeople are learning more about the prospects before they take the lead info.

The Live Animation show brings people back to the booth for more visits during a multiple-day event. Often CHOPS can remember their names and he even speaks Spanish with a little fluency, a good thing since most trade shows attract international audiences. We emphasize the personal and friendly nature of the experience for everyone, including our clients.

Important aspects of a CHOPS Live Animation trade show presentation:

  • Breaks the ice for the sales staff and starts conversations that generate viable leads
  • Gary (the voice of CHOPS) is very careful about what he says and how he says it
  • No inappropriate comments or language is ever spoken
  • Gary is at work from show-opening to show-closing each day, with minimal breaks
  • Video display attracts people with cameras who want to post pictures with CHOPS on Facebook
  • Gary’s capable of spontaneously switching to other languages
  • Gary does thoughtful and deliberate preparation of knowledge before trade show begins, as well as managing every detail with cooperation and teamwork with booth builders

You can trust Gary’s ability to work with the team, his many years of experience at trade shows, his knowledge of effective sales and marketing skills and his easy rapport with your booth visitors. Many of our clients have had CHOPS or another character in their booth for two or three years in a row. Often, our work is handled through producers and we can also work directly.