Educate in Trainings

P1020554Corporate training, like other types of special events, runs the risk of being boring and predictable. It’s not easy to work around the typical ingredients – a closed-in meeting room, podium and projector in front of an audience who’s been there many times in the past. But before you roll out those deadly Powerpoint slides, consider bringing one of our animated characters to the screen.

Virtual characters can be presented in many different eye-catching ways to an amazed audience that must momentarily suspend their current version of reality and look for personal reference points to cartoons that want to interact with them. Not finding any, they have a “moment” – an emotional experience is highly memorable and usually amusing.

For the majority, it’s intriguing and funny, as our characters use laughter to put everyone at ease. For the rest of the time, they then assume duties of host and MC, taking care of presenting chores, introducing guests and topics, etc. Of course, there are always going to be those who react with less positive emotions, but you never could please everyone.

P1020575For a real splash, you can try some interesting variations on the technology

  • Two characters at once, interacting with each other and the audience
  • Add a game show element like “Let’s Face It with CHOPS” (see below)
  • Using a moving-head projector, the character can appear on any wall in a flash
  • The person who performs CHOPS can operate a second computer with additional content at the same time
  • The content can include video, web pages, software applications, webcam streams, 3D animations and desktop sharing
  • With some work in advance, the character can recognize people in the audience and direct his conversations at them

One of our favorite ways of using this is to have an ongoing interaction with a main human presenter. It can get really funny, and people always remember it, especially when the human presenter is one of those C-level guys or gals who can make it work for everyone.