Engage at Parties

Interactive AvatarOver the years, our characters have performed at many different types of parties, from Bar Mitzvahs to Valentine’s Day celebrations. Whether the video screen with a character speaking from it is the center of the entertainment stage, or off to the side on our Bubble Screen, the main attraction is that this is something that people haven’t seen before and it’s good. Imagine a Christmas Party where SyberSanta interacts with your guests from a big TV screen, for example.


Using a prop that held our round screen, this party planner took a fun costume party to another level with our interactive cartoon character. What makes it great is that we make sure we don’t embarrass anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings, even though we are witty and quick.

Some of the ways party planners have set-up the CHOPS appearances:

  • Framing CHOPS in a nice wooden frame around a video screen, to make a big impression
  • On a projection screen, as host of a game show where the guests are live contestants
  • On a video display behind the DJ, helping to pump up the crowd with live action
  • As a special featured party experience, along with several others, to make it funny


Normally, installing and setting up the CHOPS system takes about one hour in advance, and once running, there are no breaks needed during the entire performance. Some scenarios benefit greatly from the support of a insider/front person who can help people understand by demonstrating that it is fun to speak with a character on a screen.

In some party settings, we can even remember the names of guests, who they’re with and other things that really personalize the time we have with them.

At very large parties, CHOPS can make a big impression using large stage areas and running cool videos, great music and having a personality that helps people have fun.