Promote on the Web

live animation on SkypeOur virtual characters attract audiences to online meetings and promotions in streaming videos and live webcasts, allowing event producers to extend their reach and increase audience attention.

We can connect a performance animation system to a streaming video computer and interact with people via webcam or other live web video technology. The mystery of our live animation can combine a live appearance with a web appearance from a tradeshow booth or corporate special event, with a reliable internet connection and some webcasting gear. You get a most unusual show that generates social media buzz from the beginning.

Presenters concerned with “death by Powerpoint” and other concerns about boring their audiences turn to cartoon characters that can be incorporated into any web video content, streaming or canned. The live experience is the most memorable, but that’s not always possible. In that case, you can request pre-recorded pieces in any format.

During live events, Digital Puppeteer Gary Jesch can see and hear everything that’s going on, and is able to interact with presenters and audience members as CHOPS. The benefit is a captivating virtual reality experience brought to life on a desktop computer or tablet in real time, making the event’s messages much more memorable in the process.

How does it work?

This unique “hybrid” service can be provided to producers of hybrid virtual events, by bringing Jesch and his system to a location such as a conference or tradeshow booth. He’ll set up a live interactive display, complete with his own control booth, and bring additional computer power to stream video in real time to a client’s website or Facebook page.

The Digital Puppeteer system extends the reach and return-on-investment of the event, and still avoids the necessity of intrusive cameramen, studio lighting and other on-site concerns that might interfere with smooth event or booth production. Jesch can also add a concurrent Twitter stream to the display and the streaming video or webcast, allowing the “home” audience to interact. Clients can choose from dozens of existing stock characters or can have one custom-created for their company’s marketing program.

As a virtual MC, a CHOPS character can serve as a guide to help people navigate the virtual spaces. He can become the voice of the home audience inside the event or booth as a conduit for questions and information, and can help out as a moderator of the “home” audience group.

Additionally, CHOPS will work as a “red carpet” interviewer, speaking with guests and VIPs, adding commentary to keep things lively and interesting. Inside his own control booth (usually a closet or empty room onsite) Jesch can see and hear the people physically at the event via his “spy” camera, and the “home” audience via webcams in GotoMeeting and Skype sessions.

Who is it for?

Live animation produced at CHOPS’ headquarters is used to promote events and webinars for companies connecting via social networking. Because the animation is created in real time, Jesch can complete some 5-6 min.-long videos in an afternoon and have them posted and getting hits the same day. This radically shortens animation production time and expense when working with existing CHOPS characters, who can appear in 3D virtual newsrooms or in front of video clips and background animations.