The Spacecraft of Apollo 11

Recreated by Tom Knight, 3D Artist for CHOPS Live Animation

CHOPS 3D Artist Tom Knight was curious about what the Lunar Module spacecraft looked like on the moon and in space, so he used his 3D modeling skills to build them out and place them in settings where there was no photography to capture what they looked like.

He also wanted to learn how they worked mechanically, in realistic and accurate detail, so he built 3D models which he could animate and manipulate, all to NASA’s specs .

Tom’s passion for the getting the details correct and “engineering” all the intricacies of the the rockets and capsules of Apollo 11 are shared in this 30-minute exploration on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Tom and I plan to show his powerful Apollo images below, along with animations and live demos of him creating his art in 3D Max.


If you’d like to purchase a full-color, high definition print from Tom’s collection, please contact me using the form below. I will send you a quote for the image and size you are interested in obtaining. Prices start at $975 and prints are shipped rolled in tubes for easy handling and framing by your own friendly frame shops, in sizes from 20×30 up to 48×72 inches.

Custom views and angles are available because Tom can set up and image his own 3D art to satisfy your request.

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