Our Avatars Make Events Memorable


How do you find show elements that are unique and catchy, without huge production expense?

Do you worry when it comes time to submit competitive ideas for upcoming projects?

Was your last important special event production a fizzle or flop?

How do you intersperse entertainment to avoid “Death by Powerpoint” effectively?

Maybe it’s time to try something new that your clients haven’t seen or tried before?

The big difficulty today in producing corporate special events for most large companies is that so many people have been going to “talking head” meetings for so long, that they automatically disconnect. They turn off their consciousness and are not longer even aware that the subject at hand will probably directly affect their futures. They fixate on the travel, the social gatherings and the give-aways, and lose the real meaning of why they are there.

Getting people out of their trances is tough, but it really doesn’t have to be like that. Both professional producers and direct corporate event directors and managers who have booked our virtual characters have been thrilled with the way we transform the ordinary into the amazing.

Their events come alive, as the audience is challenged to figure out what they are seeing and even how it is done. The audience has never seen anything like this type of presentation and it is almost hypnotic.


The virtual character we call “CHOPS,” or one of dozens like him, powerfully interests people and breaks the ice to make the meeting fun and different.

Live animation turns the boring meeting on its head and grabs peoples’ attention in a good way.

Two characters can interact with each other and with the audience and presenters, all in real time.

The character can ask the tough questions – “What happened to those raises you promised us last year?” And the audience relates to that.

Best of all, there are many ways to measure the animated character’s effectiveness in your presentation – with audience surveys, Twitter hashtags, links to related web pages and follow-up marketing.

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