Artificial Intelligence


CHOPS has joined forces with the award-winning studio of Mimic Productions, headed by David Bennett, and located in Berlin, Germany. We are excited to announce this collaboration that combines high-level “Digital Double” artistry with our live performance capabilities honed over many years of tradeshow and corporate special event experiences.

Our AI capabilities show up in many places, from voice-cloning to interactive conversational techniques powered by neural nets and LLMs.



What amazing content may we create for you?

Our specialty is photo-realistic virtual humans that appear real and speak like real people, with a full range of intricate facial expressions and movements. These “Avatars” can be animated in real time to portray actors and hosts, based on performers behind the scenes. We also create recordings and videos with spectacular special effects in completely digital settings, doing things that can only be done with 3D animation.


Are you ready to benefit from the surging demand for AI Photo-Realistic Digital Human Avatars at events, online and at theme parks? Join a few leading companies with a vision of their digital future.


Video game production techniques allow us to create environments of all types, where our avatars work. Natural looking landscapes or exotic metaverse builds – it’s all possible for our 3D artists.

realtime performance

CHOPS has always emphasized realtime performances and Mimic is ready to support this, with the best motion capture and facial animation experts in the business, to bring your avatars to life.


The future of avatars is about building computers that use AI at the highest levels, in a way that that reshapes how computers and people interact. We create something beautiful and then deliver it via the Cloud.

creating the digital double – the virtual human

We’ll use the latest software to get the results you want, while working with your budget and timeline. After all, it’s your avatar we are building. 



of existing avatars


We’ll make yours stand out, with highly accurate realism, an engaging personality, detailed attractiveness, authenticity (creating a real experience) and mature ethical standards when put in service.

Free free to visit some websites like and check out what’s been done by others so far, in the area of influencers, VTubers and other virtual beings.


You can also visit the Mimic Productions websites to see more examples of their fine work. And keep in mind that many of their projects aren’t showing up, because the work is controlled by the owners who hired them.


Proto Hologram

you can Unlock our creative potential

In addition to creating dozens of Virtual Beings, both realistic and cartoon-like, we’ve also worked with many amazing video displays to present them. We can bring in the Proto Holographic Display for your next tradeshow, a round Bubble Screen or a 3D LED video wall. Projections and digital signage options are better than ever. These displays often have as much impact as the content they show, turning the experience into an immersive unforettable moment.

Check out how people love CHOPS

CHOPS – it stands for “Cyber Human On a Performance System,” and it’s the name of one of our first characters back in 1995. Today, it’s a brand recognized in the tradeshow and corporate special events industry for our dedication to producing our unforgettable moments with audiences around the world. Here’s what some of our clients had to say:

“Working with Gary and CHOPS was a true pleasure. Onsite, he proved to be a real asset–efficient, reliable and a team player. The avatar was a huge hit. The ability to have the avatar interact off-the-cuff with the presenters and the audience made a great impact.”

Brian Sharp – producer

“Working with Gary at CHOPS was an absolutely positive experience. Over a four-day show, it seemed like Gary worked the crowds seemingly without any major downtime. Great work ethic! Terrific results!”

Thad Gessel – Derse Exhibits

“An animated character, by being one step removed from hard reality, can be a “softer” bridge to invite people into discussion, information, etc. about “hard” subjects. The friendlier nature makes it easier, more compelling to converse, learn.”

Dan Chichester – Ogilvy CommonHealth/Astra Zeneca

“Gary! What can I say? So easy to work with? Total pro? Incredible product? Talented improv actor? Worth every penny? You bet. It was a pleasure. Can’t wait to do it again!”

Arianne Nichole – R. Fountain Design

“The on-stage interaction with Major Donor held everyone’s attention and was quite entertaining. This year’s event would not have been as innovative as it was without your assistance.”

Nancy Racette – American Red Cross

“Gary was most helpful in screening and qualifying attendees. He quickly determined if they were serious (and introduced them to one of us) or just looking around (he simply invited them in the booth to look around). This helped the team focus on serious prospects, while making everybody feel welcome.”

Mike O’Connor – DDI

Nice to Have or Necessary?

Without your avatar in your tradeshow booth – attendees walk by without noticing.
With your avatar – each one gets a nice greeting and it catches their attention!

Without your avatar in your music video – nice stuff, but it’s hard to find something that stands out.
With your avatar – Wow! It’s doing things that can only be done with 3D animation!

Without your avatar in your Customer Service role – just another chatbot and a frustrating experience.
With your AI-avatar – Big difference! Select the language, appearance and attitude, to get friendly solutions!