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Interactive story characters kids love are a great addition to family entertainment centers

Squeeze - McDermont

Have you been looking for the next new and great thing that kids love?

Did you know Disney has had live animation in its parks since 2006, with “Turtle Talk with Crush?”

Do you know the Disney secret to making it pay for itself over and over again?

Do you like to see YouTube videos of guest experiences at your park or center?

Would you be surprised to know that the Live Animation system costs less than $30,000 including a custom character?

Mister T- Science CenterGetting started may seem the hardest. There are many ways to increase the revenue from your gift shop. If the concept works for Disney, it will work for you, providing you do it the way Disney did, of course.

Live Animation is a very special and different form of entertainment and also a powerful educational tool. Avatars can teach as well as inspire their audiences easily and in a fun way that makes people want to come back again and again.

Your plans should include the costs of the video display system as well as the staffing requirements to keep the performances going as smoothly as possible, but once that is taken care of, there are no additional charges, like license renewals or updates.

A Live Animation show can take on many different aspects and can work in all different types of facilities, while seeming unique to each one because of the specific design and sound of each virtual character. For example, we put a talking orange into a family recreation center to greet visitors as they enter, and we’ve created a talking fish for a Virtual Reef display.

Mister TPermanent installations can include retail stores, casinos, theaters, malls, parks, museums and a wide variety of installations where you are hoping to solve traffic issues, attract attention and sell character-related merchandise.

  • In casinos, the characters can be used to promote tournaments and to get sign-ups for the Players Clubs.
  • In museums, we can replicate historic figures from the past and bring them alive again.
  • In aquariums, we can create interactive fish and sea creatures who can help communicate to children about the important of ocean conservation.

¬†Free publicity on YouTube is something you can’t even buy, but your characters can generate it.

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