Are You A Tradeshow Exhibitor?

Is your tradeshow booth still failing to attract attention and pull in the qualified leads,
improved sales and the brand respect you've paid good money to win?

Avatars - Crowd

Can you remember the last time your booth really delivered a great return and created a “buzz” that went on after the conference was long over?

Does your company exhibit more than three times a year? More than 10 times?

Would you like to see the kind of improvements that other large companies who work with us enjoy?

You’ve seen it all at tradeshows, or so you thought – the magicians, the acrobats, the business theater with the actors, stage, lights and booth hostesses.

You are asking yourself – “What am I going to do next?

If Lead Generation is Number One, “Stickiness” is the Number Two issue in exhibiting! We can show you how we encourage people to come back and stick around.

After supporting so many tradeshow managers and sales managers in their booths, I have realized that one of the biggest needs was to attract the attendees, and then to get them to open up and speak freely about their issues and problems. I found that they seemed to relax when they were having fun, trying something new.

  • Of course, there were those who are a little “freaked out” by talking with a cartoon head on a video screen, and I work with them to make them feel comfortable and interested. But you know that human nature and the feeling of curiosity are powerful forces when combined with the right questions, coming from a friendly and interesting personality.

So you want me to focus on only one thing while I’m working in your tradeshow booth – making a great first impression and qualifying clients for the sales people with my warm energy and genuine interest. You can hear it in my voice.

I care about the quality of your guests’ and staff’s experience each second they are around your booth.

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