SyberSanta is coming to the Web

SyberSanta is looking forward to connecting with many boys and girls this Christmas season, and their parents are welcome, too. Just connect via our CHOPSlive Facebook tab at just the right time, and you’ll enjoy a personal chat with SyberSanta directly from his workshop in the North Pole. He’ll take you around to see his reindeer farm, where Rudolph and all the rest are waiting for their big flight on Christmas Eve.
SyberSanta FB page

You’ll also be able to interact with SyberSanta, as he will be monitoring the Chat area when he comes to the Tab, live. So be sure to send him a comment or two about what you have on your wish list, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

SyberSanta will be making regular appearances for the next two weeks before Christmas, so keep an eye out for his updates on Facebook by liking the CHOPS Live Animation page. We’ll post all of his times there, a little in advance.

*SyberSanta uses Ustream with BrandLive, so you might see a commercial or two during his webcasts – no worries!