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  • CHOPS Demo video

“In the KNOW” Anchor VirtuaLibby Interviews Squeeze in Lindsay – FLASH

Description: Live from the studio of KNOW, Squeeze, the new mascot for the McDermont Field House in Lindsay, CA, tells his story to VirtuaLibby. According to Squeeze, he will be responsible for helping provide a cool and uplifting experience for all the visitors to this new Family Recreation Center.

Size: 21M, Date: June 2008

  • CHOPS Demo video

    Mister T Speaks from the Virtual Reef at SM Science Discovery Center – FLASH

    Description: Mister T is the talking Titan Fish designed by Steve Gray and built by Tom Knight for the Virtual Reef at the SM Science Discovery Center in Manila, Philippines. Here he comments on the undersea world of his friends.

    Size: 27M, Date: November 2007

  • CHOPS Demo video

    Gary Jesch Introduces the My Fish People Cast at IAAPA 2007 – FLASH

    Description: In an interview by Orange TV’s Crystal Candy, Jesch brings out Morphie and Genus and gives the cameras a peek behind the scenes.

    Size: 20M, Date: November 2007

  • CHOPS Demo video

    “CHOPS” tells the story of his world and Live Animation- WMP

    Description: CHOPS, the Cyber Human on a Performance System, takes us to his world, showing a video looping background and still photos of Lake Tahoe and his other favorite places.

    Size: 37M, Date: July 30, 2007

  • GameShow Plus with CHOPS

    “CHOPS” hosts “Face to Face with CHOPS” Game Show – WMP

    Description: It is back to Boot Camp for the latest round of “Face to Face with CHOPS,” where GameShow Presenter is the venue, and Play-yahs play for big prizes. Questions and answers can be completely customized and CHOPS fades in and out of the screen.

    Size: 42M, Date: July 30, 2007

  • Mede Episode 1

    Mede Email Marketing Campaign – Episode One – FLASH

    Description: “Flo Parker” and “Chester Broadstreet” anchor the Mede Newsroom, and make several announcements of interest to Mede customers in this custom-made web video. The original video was sent out at 480×360. This new one is 720×480. Note the two characters interacting simultaneously in the same scene. This was all done in real time, with very little post-production involved.

    Size: 23M, Date: July 30, 2007

  • At ASTD Show with DDI

    “Brash” serves up leads at DDI booth at ASTD three years in a row – WMP

    Description: This live scene was shot on the tradeshow floor of ASTD, where DDI won Best Booth of Show for 3 years in a row, as a result of using Live Animation to draw people in and qualify them for the sales team. Here the plasma screen is hanging over an oxygen bar in the middle of the booth.

    Size: 47M, Date: July 30, 2007