Avatars Even Do Online Meetings!

Do your clients' web events need a little more sizzle and rich media sexiness?

Are you a multimedia or marketing guru who is ready to be innovative?

Do you worry about not knowing enough production techniques to hold an unusual online meeting?

How do you get your hands on animated characters for webcasts and even webinars, to offer them to clients?

Will you possibly lose a client to a producer who can deliver 3D animation on time and on budget?

We have used GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, YouTube Live, BrandLive, Skype, Media Platform, ON24, UStream, LiveStream and other platforms with our interactive avatars for real time video streaming.

Our interactive avatars speed up the production process and keep things interesting as virtual actors.

The virtual character we call “CHOPS,” or one of dozens like him, powerfully interests people who think it is just another predictable Web animation. Suddenly, a cartoon character, in the form of streaming video, takes the stage on viewers’ devices. How cool is that?

A boring or complex subject that may have seemed hard to communicate is no longer a problem. CHOPS can help your message seem comfortable and funny, and you can easily make revisions and changes without creating major headaches for the production team. And we do rehearsals.

  • We can even have two characters interacting with each other or with human actors on a virtual set.
  • You can cut back on production costs, because there is no makeup, wardrobe, studio rental, lighting, sound man or camera crew to worry about.

Brash on the Beam

Our virtual characters have also appeared via telepresence at venues all over the US, using the Suitable Technologies Beam devices. We can help you rent one of these machines, which can be used where-ever you can make a Wifi connection.


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